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INK, inc Advertising & Marketing Worldwide has been the one-stop solution for everything Advertising & Marketing; Public Relations; Talent & Event Management. INK, inc Advertising & Marketing has created and produced dynamic "cut-through the-clutter" print ads, radio ads and television ads ... purchased & placed thousands of print ads, radio ads and television ads in over 60 markets in the U.S. and Canada at remarkably low rates.

We've created and hosted imaginative events for a myriad of clients in many business categories.

We've promoted: Automotive - Retail - Fashion - Self-Help - Family Entertainment - Hospitality - Internet Sites - More

We've even gained worldwide exposure for nationally-, as well as, locally-known clients like Author Dr. John Gray, PhD. (Men are from Mars, woman are from Venus) and explorer - adventurer, Gustavous "Gus" McCleod (National Geographic "Explorer" and CBS "Amazing Race" season 6).  We've also worked with top athletes & entertainers.

We provide the ultimate in customer service and are considered the "go to source" for everything marketing. Let us take you or your business to the next level. Your first step?

Email us at: or!

Radio & Television: Ad Creation & Production ; Media Buying; Talent Management; Event Creation & Management.

INK, inc Advertising & Marketing - Worldwide

INK, Inc Advertising & Marketing
World Wide

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