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INK/inc Advertising & Marketing Client Services

What INK/inc can do for you!

  • Local, regional & national media buying: "Buy low, sell more!" At Ink/inc, we've been told countless times, we have negotiated the best spot rates in print, radio and television... and we've done it in over 60 U.S. and Canadian markets.

  • Added Value: Is your company getting all the promotional support you can for your service or product? Working closely with local radio, television and print sources, INK/inc can assist you in taking FULL advantage of the additional promotional support available. In addition, we can recommend and arrange for "tie-in partnering" which generally make your advertising dollar go farther.

  • Copy writing: Pick the format: Serious, off-the-wall, professional, informational, etc., and INK/inc's talented writers will create outstanding, customized "cut-through-the-clutter" advertising for print, radio and/or television.

  • Sports marketing: Whether you want your company's logo on a hockey "dasher board," courtside at an NBA game, or on a billboard in a professional football or baseball stadium, let INK/inc devise your message and negotiate the best available rate. But we won't stop there. We'll get you the best possible tie-in promotion too. Remember, rate card is for the other guy. Let INK/inc get you more bang for your advertising buck.

  • Transit & outdoor advertising: We can create and place advertising in front of thousands of motorist's daily via roadside "boards," bus-backs, bus-sides or taxi-toppers.
  • Print, radio and television production: After your ad has been created, we can make it "jump" off the page... the billboard... out of the radio or off the TV screen. We work on paper, "hard cards," billboards, videotape and film for less than you're probably paying right now!

  • Celebrity Talent: Celebrity endorsements are extremely effective marketing tools. Whether you want a Hollywood celebrity, sports star, musical maestro, or literary legend, let us find and negotiate for your company's "star power."

  • On-screen/In Print/ Voice-over Talent: Our pool of talent is extraordinary. We'll find just the right face, body and/or voice for you!

  • Direct mail: A proven, "trackable" winner, direct mail is the way to get your "incredible offer" right into the consumer's hands. We have a direct mail vehicle to fit almost everyone's budget.
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