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Press Release Preparation & Distribution: It's not what you say, it's how you say it. And it's not only how you say it, it's how you present it. Let our expert writers put your news into hard-hitting press releases. Then, let us distribute them in a way that increases the chances of your news being picked up. (We sent all of John Gray's Men are from Mars one-man-show press material in a tube complete with a silk rose!)

Video News Releases: Did you know many stories carried by local news programs across the nation are actually created by corporations? Let us tell your story on video and get it distributed and presented as news!

Interview Planning & Scheduling: If it's news, let's get it on the air. Whether it's a local or national story, we have the contacts to get your news read in the paper, heard on radio and seen on television.

Spin Control: When bad news breaks, make sure your side gets heard! Let SMR&A put together your:
  • Press Releases,
  • New Conferences,
  • News/Talk Interview shows, etc.
Media Training: Who is your company's spokesperson? If you don't have one ... you should. Image is everything. SMR&A offers a one-on-one, concise media-training course. Be a pro on the air from now on! And Show No Fear!

For more information on any of these services, just give us a call. Our first consultation is always gratis!

SMRosenberg & Associates
For Immediate Release

"Public Relations Support Now Available at INK/inc" "It's your one-stop-shopping approach to marketing"

(Alexandria, VA) - - INK/inc is now your one-stop-shopping approach to marketing. The public relations arm of INK/inc - SMRosenberg & Associates (SMR&A) was created to avoid extraneous and time-consuming meetings. According to Steve Rosenberg, "Now our clients can get their ads, events and press all done right here, under your roof or ours."

Bringing in the press is a great way to promote business. "Charitable events, unique parties, and extraordinary retail tie-ins, which are often very often news worthy, also help in the branding process. We've developed a unique relationship with the press and if there's a story, chances are it will be told," added Rosenberg.

Some of our clients have become the beneficiary of worldwide press, like the time King Hussein of Jordan stopped in to purchase three Harley Davidsons from our client, Rockville Harley-Davidson. SMR&A put the press out and ended up with articles and pictorials from as far away as Thailand!

Explorer Gus McCleod decided to fly his open-cockpit, 1929 Stearman bi-plane to the North Pole. The SMR&A team worked round-the-clock disseminating press materials to a worldwide audience. Gus's story was read daily for over two weeks.

When was the last time the Washington Post Business Section (among others), featured your company in a positive three-page spread? When Sportland America, opened its 55,000 sq. ft. facility in the Rio Center Mall, Gaithersburg, MD, SMR&A secured "major local print & television" coverage. "Sportland America was a new and exciting concept. It was a huge indoor family fun and amusement center, so we knew the press would cover the opening. We were right. Every local paper and Fox TV News picked up the story. Plus, it didn't hurt to plan and effect a 'press and family fun day," recounts Steve Rosenberg.

For the world-famous author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus - John Gray, Ph.D., SMR&A promoted two Mars & Venus one-man-shows across North America. Our ad and P.R. support was covered on television and in newspapers across North America. INK/inc & SMR&A was responsible for selling out shows in New York's Carnegie Hall and Washington DC's Kennedy Center, as well as theatres from Ft. Lauderdale to Seattle.

What can we do for your company? Just give us a call. Your first consultation is always gratis!

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