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INK/inc - How it all began!

In the late 1980s, Steven M. Rosenberg, a ten-year veteran of Helene Curtis, Industries, Inc.'s domestic sales and marketing division, and graduate of the communications program at City University of New York, began to notice a disturbing trend. While traveling around the country as a national accounts salesperson for HCI, Steve noticed a growing employment shortage in certain sectors of the economy. The situation was the same in most every major city visited throughout the eastern half of the United States.

So, in 1988, Steve decided to leave HCI and created INK/inc Productions. His growing economic concern coupled with his collegiate communications background, Steven began INK/inc as a television production company with this vision: "to produce a unique, nationally inter-linked series of television programs, blending the best of "The Sunday Showcase of Homes" with the Sunday newspaper employment classified section. "

During the 1988-89-television season, INK/inc's first TV program hit the airwaves. It was called "CareerNet, the Televised Employment Service Network." Four CareerNet programs aired on Washington, DC's ABC affiliate, WJLA-TV 7. The program featured a series of V.E.C.s (video employment classifieds), with the intent of bringing home viewers "to the jobs." The program was an instant hit with home viewers and CareerNet staffers took hundreds of calls requesting all sorts of job information, etc.

Unfortunately, the show lost its time slot. However, what blossomed out of the CareerNet experience was, INK/inc, the Advertising & Marketing firm, when one of its "commercial" advertisers retained it as INK's first, true, full-service advertising client. That client: Tischer Autopark, a Porsche, Audi, BMW and Subaru retailer, remained a loyal INK/inc client for 14 years until being swallowed up by a larger automotive group.

Since 1988, INK/inc and its subsidiary companies--dr. e. vents and SMRosenberg & Associates markets products, services and events across North America in over 60 markets.

Steve Rosenberg

Steve is founder and President of INK/inc and its subsidiary companies, dr. e. vents and SMRosenberg & Associates. As both CFO & CEO, Steve is tasked with overseeing:

  • Daily agency operations
  • Art director
  • Production
  • Media buyer

After graduating with a B.A. in Communications from the City University of New York program, Steve made it his goal to write, produce and direct. He's done all three and then some! In Steve's over fifteen years managing INK/inc, he has written and produced over 1000 radio & television commercials.

Life experiences are the key to any advertising manager's success. Before INK/inc, Steve was an electronics retail sales person; talent agent; portrait & sports photographer; television production "floor director;" Wall Street analyst; bartender; waiter; bouncer; DJ; retail store group department manager and marketing and sales coordinator for a major international hair and skin care company.

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