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dr. e. vents

We're called dr. e. vents, but we should
really be called "Promotions 'R' Us."

A new car retailer client of ours once commented: "Since competing dealerships sell exactly the same brands & models, the only different thing I really have to sell is my name and my location."
That is why we created dr. e. vents:

"To develop dynamic and exciting promotions for the express purpose of getting more media exposure for our clients, thus "driving" more traffic."

These are called "added value promotions." Why added value? In our opinion, standard media messages are no longer enough. We want to ensure you receive extra mentions with nearly every schedule at little or no cost. * Cutting through the clutter is becoming more and more difficult. Unless clients have huge ad budgets, the "straight advertising" strategy is often not enough to claim a high enough "share of voice," the percent, or share of the commercials aired in your trade category. So we've become experts in securing high visibility promotional support for our clients' products and services.

The following are just a few of the promotions we initiated for our clients:
  • Trip and car giveaways
  • Congressional Black Tie Affairs
  • Dealership Safari
  • Movie Premier Parties
  • New Orleans style Mardi Gras events
  • Country Music Concerts
  • The famous Tony Lama Boots, "live llamas retail promotion"
  • Sport Celebrity Appearances...
*May require giveaways and/or on location event

dr. e. vents Client Services

Event Planning & Management: Special events sell! Let dr. e. vents expert staff plan and coordinate a special event just for you. Remember, dr. e. vents produces events nationally!
"Name Acts": If your event calls for something big, a name act may be just the ticket. dr. e. vents works with the countries top booking agents.
Sports Celebrities: Nothing draws like a local sports celebrity. Our contacts include professional football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and tennis players. By the way, consider bringing a professional sports star to your next sales presentation and watch your sales skyrocket!
Corporate Speakers: Make your next corporate meeting one to remember. We can facilitate the appearance of a professional comedian, politician, sports legend or famous author. Spice up your event with singers, dancers, musicians, jugglers, and more.
Corporate Meetings: Give your corporate meetings that high-tech look. Let dr. e. vents secure your stage lighting, a/v, outdoor spot/search lights, video walls, even strolling troubadours!
Catering: Theme events work even better when the food is a fit! Let us find and fulfill your precise catering needs.
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